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Resort Policies

The following Rules and Regulations augment the Condominium Declaration and By-Laws and are created and imposed by the Board for the purpose of promoting the health, happiness and peace of mind of all unit owners. These Rules and Regulations do not supersede any provisions set out in Declaration of Condominium and or By-Laws. The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may amend these rules from time to time.


1. Usage of Facilities

Only members of the Association, their immediate families and registered guests may use Spanish Key facilities. Guests of members of the Association may use the facilities provided the member remains on property with the guest during such use or the guest is staying in the owner’s unit. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 MUST BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT IN ALL COMMON AREAS. ANY DAMAGE TO SPANISH KEY COMMON AREAS WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SPANISH KEY OWNER UNIT OCCUPIED BY THE PARTY CAUSING THE DAMAGE.

Pool – Hours: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Use of the pool and other facilities is at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty, nor any pool attendants or other personnel. The Association is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage that may result from the use of the pool or facilities. Users are solely responsible for and assume all risk of personal injury or property damage. No children under age 12 are permitted in EITHER OF the pools, sauna or spa without being under the direct supervision of an adult. No glass containers of any kind are permitted in any pool areas. Diving into the pool and wading in the fountain area is strictly prohibited. Please remove any items brought to the pool and clean up trash.


Fitness Room – Use equipment at your own risk. Consult with your doctor before utilizing any exercise equipment. The Association is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage as a result of the use of the equipment. Users are solely responsible for and assume all risk of personal injury or property damage. Children under age 12 are not allowed in the fitness room.


Carts - Any person using a luggage cart or buggy is required to return the cart or buggy to the area designated for storage.

Front Gate - Main property entrance gates will be locked at all times 24 hours per day to prevent unauthorized access.

2. Courtesy and Conduct

No unit owner or guest shall do anything which will interfere with the rights or comfort of other unit owners or tenants as determined by the Association, its agent, or a security or law enforcement officer. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday during which time no loud noises of any kind will be permitted. Profanity will not be tolerated in any common area. When playing any kind of sound system (including portable radios and Boom Boxes), in the condo unit, balconies, pool areas and on the beach, the volume should be at a level that will not disturb other owners and/or guests.

No construction or repair work involving noise shall be conducted in any unit except on weekdays (not including legal holidays) and only between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. MAJOR REPAIRS – ANY MAJOR REMODELING OF AN OWNER’S UNIT MUST BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND THE MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR WHEN INVOLVING PLUMBING OR ELECTRICAL WORK.


3. Common and Limited Common Areas

The entrances, walkways, elevators and stairways shall not be obstructed. No article other than a doormat shall be placed in any of the walkways (no chairs, shoes, rafts, ice chests, etc.)

The balconies shall be used only for the purposes intended, and shall not be used for hanging towels, bathing suits, clothing or other articles, or for cleaning of rugs or other household items. No one shall allow anything whatsoever to be thrown or to fall from windows or balconies. All furniture and other personal property shall be removed from balconies upon issuance of a hurricane or tropical storm watch or warning or when the resident of a unit plans on being absent for more than 10 days. No flammable, combustible or explosive fluids, chemicals or substances may be kept on any balcony, and cooking grills shall not be used on balconies.

  • Charcoal and gas barbecue grills are not permitted anywhere on property except for the charcoal grills provided in the west gazebo area.

  • Feeding seagulls is not permitted on property.

  • Skateboarding and rollerblading are not permitted on property.


4. Building Structure

No window guards or other window decorations shall be used in or about any unit unless approved in writing by the Board i.e. hurricane shutters are permitted provided the shutters comply with the Board’s published guidelines.

  • No flags may be displayed or flown from the balcony of a unit.

  • No sign, notice, advertisement or illumination shall be inscribed or exposed on or at any

    window or other part of the building except such as are permitted pursuant to the Declaration or the Bylaws or approved, in writing, by the Board.


5. Parking

There are only 108 parking spaces at Spanish Key excluding the overflow parking in the north lot. Of these 108 spaces, 32 are privately owned by unit owners. Spanish Key has 75 units which obviously places a burden on parking capacity during peak periods.

  • Two parking decals are offered to Spanish Key owners. Two parking passes should be provided for units being rented. FOR OWNERS a maximum of two vehicles per unit should be parked in the main parking lot. Excess vehicles, as well as overflow vehicles due to heavy traffic, should be parked in the north parking lot. UNIT RENTALS MAY PARK ONE VEHICLE IN THE MAIN PARKING LOT AND ANY ADDITIONAL VEHICLES IN THE OVERFLOW LOT.

  • Vehicles parked in or blocking a unit owner’s privately-owned space will be towed at the vehicles owner’s expense. Any liability issues associated with towing caused by the unit owner will be the responsibility of the unit owner and/or renter and not Spanish Key COA.

  • Overflow parking (North Lot) is available across from the main building in the Spanish Key parking lot. Small watercraft and boat trailers may be parked in the North Lot only in off season or in periods of low occupancy; and, must have prior approval by Spanish Key staff. Boat parking must not exceed 48-hour duration.

  • Boats may be tied to the Spanish Key pier, on a first come first serve basis, with prior written approval from Spanish Key staff, for a period not to exceed 24-hours. The pier is open to all Spanish Key owners and guests. All trash, bait, fishing equipment must be disposed in the proper containers. Fish cleaning is not allowed on the dock. Any owner, guest or tenant who use the pier area and parking facilities, do so at their own risk. Spanish Key will not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage to boats (and personal property contained therein) docked or stored in the North Lot or condominium premises.


6. Accessibility to Units

Unit owners must provide the Association with a key to the unit entry door. Association may gain access to the unit, during reasonable hours, to inspect and/or treat the unit for pest infestation, maintenance and repair of the common or limited common areas or as authorized by the condominium documents and the Condominium Act. Emergency access must be provided at all times. If a key is not provided by an owner, the Association has the right to take whatever steps necessary to gain entry at the unit owner’s expense.


7. Pets

Only owners of units may have pets on the property. The only pets permitted are birds, cats and dogs and they shall not number more than three in any combination. When outside a unit, cats and dogs must be kept on a leash under the direct control of the owner. All pets must be walked in the “pet walk” on the east side of the building. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up immediately after their pets and failure to do so will result in a $50.00 fine for each instance. Pets are not permitted in the pool area, barbecue area or on the condominium’s beach.


8. Occupancy Maximums

Units on floors 1 through 7 have a maximum of eight (8) adults in residence at any time. Units located on the 8th floor are restricted to twelve (12) adults in residence at any time. Any persons over the age fifteen (15) will be considered an “adult” for Occupancy Maximums. These unit maximums are consistent with local fire codes.


9. Fines and Suspension of Rights

The Board of Directors may, pursuant to Section 718.303 of the Florida Condominium Act, and Section 4.14 of the Spanish Key Declaration of Condominium Bylaws, Levy Fines and Suspend Rights for repeated violations of the Spanish Key Condominium Documents including the Rules and Regulations. The Association may levy reasonable fines for the failure of the offending Owner of the Unit, their Families, Occupants, Tenants and Invitees to comply with any provisions of the Declaration, the association’s Bylaws, or Rules and Regulations of the Association. A fine may not exceed $100.00 per violation. However, a fine may be levied on the basis of each day of a continuing violation. This fine is in addition to any payment for damages to the property of Spanish Key with damages to be determined on a case by case basis.



11. Rules and Regulations Posting

Rules and Regulations shall be permanently posted in the Association’s informational bulletin board located in lobby and in both elevators in a permanent holder. Also, copies of the Rules and Regulations will be given to all rental management companies that manage properties at Spanish Key. A copy of the Rules and Regulations will be included in every rental package that are normally given to guests staying at Spanish Key. Further, we ask all owners who rent their own (VRBO) to post a copy of the Rules and Regulations in a conspicuous location in their units for all guests to see and comply.

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